CIC Chain: The most intelligent smart contract platform on the planet.

Brave enough to
be different

CIC Chain does things differently, perfectly solving all 3 elements of the blockchain trilemma, without sacrificing any of the others.


Security is one of the core pillars of CIC Chain. Our chain cannot be forked and our layered architecture was meticulously planned to ensure enterprise grade security across the whole chain. We utilise only the best technology to protect your data and our Imprism consensus mechanism makes it much more difficult to hack, due to the nature in which data is refracted before being stored.


CIC Chain decentralises our chain at the address level. Validators are mostly managed by our company to keep the chain safe, but have no control over the running of the chain. Instead, we utilise our governance DAO to give everyone a fair and equal voice & increasing security at the same time. Anyone with 1000 CIC can participate and all users get just 1 vote, no matter how much CIC you hold.


‘Imprism’ consensus mechanism is 90% more efficient than other PoS/A blockchains and uses far less data. CIC Chain is also powered by Kubernetes k8s data clusters, which is what Google uses in order to handle being the biggest search engine on Earth. It’s capable of handling thousands of transactions per second without breaking a sweat.





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Zero Finality

CIC Chain has zero finality. Once a transaction is submitted, it is confirmed immediately and then sent to the blockchain for validation. A complete transaction can be done in just 1 second, though even at peak times you’ll never spend more than a few seconds waiting.


CIC Chain can be upgraded to meet an ever changing market, if consensus is agreed upon inside of our DAO. This will allow our platform to always remain progressive in nature, to cater to the needs of the current climate. Upgrades can be completed and implemented without any disruption to our network.


CIC Chain is extremely versatile, meticulously planned to be able to build the biggest and most robust real world applications. Our goal is to become a catalyst for the mass adoption of blockchain technology, so we truly thought of everything when building our network. Find more about the many layers of CIC Chain that will cater to the needs of everybody here

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CIC Chain: The most intelligent smart contract platform on the planet.

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