CIC Chain was built to cater for everybody. We meticulously planned every single detail and created a layered chain than caters for all types of applications and utilities. The only limits to building on CIC Chain are the ones set by your own imagination.

CIC Chain has its own CVM (CIC Virtual Machine) which utilises the same token and development standards of Ethereum, meaning it is fully EVM compatible. We combined our own version of the ‘EVM’ standard with our own Hyperledger BESU build, to make our chain much more versatile and powerful. By utilising Hyperledger BESU we were able to add many different layers to our chain, that each have their own features and possibilities. To expand on this further, we then fused Hyperledger Fabric into the architecture, making CIC Chain possibly the most versatile blockchain in existence. These include:

Imprism consensus mechanism
Proof of Refraction

This describes the way in which data is stored onto the blockchain in a unique way during validation. It saves up to 90% of the energy used in most proof of stake/authority networks which makes it much more efficient and sustainable on the environment.

We built our own Quorum layer onto CIC Chain, to allow users to build both public or private enterprise grade utilities, that are easily incorporated into the Ethereum messaging standards. You can launch your own subchain inside our network, that can control who has access to it – this means enterprise grade, with no risk of data leaks or security issues. Imagine building a decentralised banking application on the blockchain, automating all accounts and bookkeeping without any risk of manipulation.

Apache Kafka allows the live streaming of transactions, perfect for Point of Sale services. This enables CIC to be used real time, by ensuring there’s always a stable bridge between both ends of a transaction to prevent any payment issues or scams. This revolutionary software will allow CIC Pay to become mass adopted as a financial service in the future

Kubernetes K8s data clusters allow for extreme scalability, whilst also ensuring complete uptime, even when a fault occurs. As CIC grows, your applications will never be slowed down by congestions because CIC Chain utilises the same scaling architecture as google, which handles billions of searches per day.

CIC Chain is like no other. Each layer of our blockchain has been fused together perfectly to make it the most intelligent smart contract platform on the planet. When not in use, CIC Chain has a built in ‘Eco-block’ mechanism that changes the block time to 60 seconds to save energy and storage space. The second a transaction occurs, the block time instantaneously changes to 5 seconds and will remain there as long as transactions are happening, in real time. The moment a transaction doesn’t occur, the block time will revert back to 60 seconds, or until the next transaction occurs, if less than that. This makes CIC Chain even better for the environment, demonstrating that this company is serious about staying green.

CIC Chain: The most intelligent smart contract platform on the planet.

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